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Rich Palmer

Sutton Coldfield based Rich is a friendly and professional personal trainer. Degree educated at Birmingham City University and with professional qualifications in personal training, gym based boxing, circuit training and sports nutrition.




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10 Misconceptions about Weight Loss

I hear a lot of myths from my clients when it comes to dieting and weight loss so I thought I would debunk some of those myths. Here are the 10 most common I hear:

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Introducing Online Personal Training

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5 Reasons How Protein can help with Weight Loss

In the beginning of your weight loss journey, protein is important because it helps you feel fuller longer. Having protein around slows down digestion making us more satisfied and less likely to go back for seconds. If this happens over the course of multiple days your calorie savings can help with weight loss.!

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My Top 5 Supplements for Muscle Growth

Protein powder is a convenient, low cost way to add muscle building protein to your diet!


Creatine allows you to lift weights with more strength and power!


Glutamine helps your body to utilize protein more efficiently, prevents the breakdown of muscle cells and increases growth hormone levels!


Essential Amino Acids act as muscle building blocks for your muscle cell walls, help produce muscle building hormones and speed up muscle recovery!


ZMA enhances protein synthesis, increase your energy levels when lifting weights and improves your sleep quality!


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My 5 Top Tips to Build Muscle!

Building muscle quickly will not work doing isolation exercises like bicep curls or tricep extensions unless you are already very muscular. Compound exercises like pull-ups, squats, bench pressing, or deadlifts will be much more effective. These exercises will not only work muscles in less time, but will also allow you to use much heavier weight than you would with any isolation exercises.


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5 Myths about getting a Six-pack

Most people think that doing all kinds of core and ab exercises will show the six-pack the fastest. This is not the case, in order to reveal the abdominal muscles; you need to focus on your nutrition first.


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My Tips to Lose Fat for Good! Part 2

Taking in simple carbs (sugars) right after weight training replenishes muscle and liver glycogen stores, but excess sugar consumed at other times will be stored as fat. Satisfy your sweet tooth occasionally, but try limiting your intake of sugar to fresh fruit. Replace sugary beverages like soft drinks and juice with water, coffee, tea or diet soda.


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My Tips to Lose Fat for Good! Part 1

When on a mission to lose body fat, don't look at it as a program which often implies an end point but more of a permanent change. So make sure you can live with these changes indefinitely; don't over restrict calories and find exercise programs that sufficiently challenge you, provide progression and offer enough variety to keep you going for years to come


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Weight Training and Protein for Women

There is a lot of confusion about women lifting weights. The first thing that women think when they are introduced to weight training is that they will build big bulky muscles. The fact is weight training can be very productive for all women, especially those with fat loss goals. Also recent research has shown the importance of protein consumption when combining weight training and a fat loss programs.


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Continuing in my series of "how to" video clips. This video blog is all about "How to do a Bent Over Barbell Row". This is a compound exercise focusing on the back muscles, particularly the latissimus dorsi!


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How to do a Lateral Raise

Continuing in my series of personal training "how to" video clips. This video blog is all about "How to do a Lateral Raise". This is an isolation exercise focusing on the deltoid muscle, particularly the side of the shoulder.


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A Guide to Sports Supplements

Sport supplements are simply highly refined food derived from natural sources. They come in a variety of formats including powders, liquids, tablets, capsules and even snack bars.�Because of this they offer athletes of all levels a quick and often convenient way to meet the bodies demanding nutritional needs while participating in any form of physical activity.


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How to do a Static Lunge

This video blog is all about how to do a Static Lunge. This is more of a beginner movement than the Forward Lunge and allows you to perfect the technique before you move on to more complex lunge movements.


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Weight Training for Beginners

So you've been thinking about weight training for a while and you've taken the first step and started to do some research. There are many benefits to weight training, including increase in strength, improving your appearance, strengthening bones, controlling your weight and more.


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How to do a Romanian Deadlift

Continuing in my series of "how to" video blogs, this video is all about how to do a Romanian Deadlift. This is a great exercise for working those hamstring muscles.


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10 Ways to raise your Metabolism

1) Lifting Weights

Training with weights boosts your metabolism in a number of ways. Weight training itself has been shown to increase exercise post oxygen consumption which means your metabolism may be raised for hours or even days after the session.


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How to perform a Deadlift

This video is all about how to perform a deadlift. The deadlift is probably the most important technique you will learn as you should apply this to lifting any free weights from off the floor.


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Micro-nutrients Explained

Micro-nutrients are different from macro-nutrients because they are necessary only in very tiny amounts. However, micro-nutrients are essential for good health, and micro-nutrient deficiencies can cause serious health problems. Micro-nutrients are necessary for the healthy functioning of all your body's systems, from bone growth to brain function.


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How to do a Forward Lunge

Continuing with my series of "How to" videos, this video blog explains how to do a Forward Lunge.


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Macro-nutrients Explained

Macro-nutrients are the nutrients that provide calories or energy. Nutrients are substances needed for growth, metabolism and for other body functions. Since “macro” means large, macro-nutrients are nutrients needed in large amounts. There are three types of macro-nutrients:


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About Rich Palmer PT

Hi, I'm Rich Palmer a 32 year old Personal Trainer from Sutton Coldfield.


Health & fitness is my passion and I have been regularly training in gyms for over 15 years. I am now focusing on sharing all I've learnt over those years with like minded individuals who I can help avoid some of the 'exercise pitfalls' that are common amongst those who are starting out on a new fitness regime, from my first hand experience I know that doing it on your own can be a long, hard and often frustrating road.


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Personal Trainer Sutton Coldfield

Every client has a free first session where I will give you a free body "MOT" and discuss your goals and ambitions in order to create a programme that best suits you and meets your current lifestyle needs.


I will also offer you nutritional advice, look at your diet and see where you can make changes.


We will work together towards your goals and I will keep you motivated and be available for advice at any time. Remember making changes to your body does require hard work and dedication, but together we can get YOU where YOU want to be.


Richard Palmer PT


With over 15 years of personal health and fitness experience, I can help you achieve your personal goals and ambitions through tailored training and nutritional plans. My passion for all things health, fitness and mindfulness means regardless of whether you are looking to drop a dress size for a special occasion, bulk up, get ripped or just feel more comfortable in your own skin I will get you where you need to be.


I offer home and gym based fitness training packages suitable for all ages and levels, including.

Whatever your goals or ambitions are I will tailor a personalised programme suited to you while motivating and working with you on the road to achieving them.


Client Testimonial:

“Rich is training my 14 year old daughter who dances at a high level in competitions. The work and plans he produces are top class and showing in her results.”

Adrian Roofer
5 star review


For more details of how I can help you or to book your free consultation please feel free to contact me.

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