Rich Palmer


Personal Trainer Sutton Coldfield

A friendly and professional trainer, degree educated at Birmingham City University. Professional qualifications in personal training, gym based boxing, circuit training and sports nutrition gained through The Training Room.


Charlotte“I quite literally found Rich on Google so I didn’t have very high expectations but I did know that I needed someone to motivate me to get fit and tone up. After 10 sessions with Rich my body shape has changed, my fitness levels have improved beyond recognition and I can even run, quite happily - something I have never been able to do. I have now signed up for another block of 10 sessions and miraculously managed to make a fitness routine part of my life. Rich has set me realistic goals which I have managed to achieve, advised me on my diet and generally motivates me to become a healthier, fitter and much happier person.”
Charlotte – 30, Leicestershire

Kunz"After my training regime at the gym became boring, dull and lacking in any visible results, I was introduced to Rich who has shown me new ways to train and has given me the confidence to try out new pieces of equipment. I now have regular training sessions, at the Gym and in my own home, which have given me extra confidence and enthusiasm. Most of all Rich has increased my fitness levels, changed my body shape and made training fun again."
Kunz Bechar – 23, Sutton Coldfield


Emma"Before I met Rich I was at a dead end, I had tried loads of diets and work out DVD's but I wasn't getting any closer to the celebrity body that I craved! Meeting Rich was the turning point for me. I was probably like the majority of women that go to the gym and have no idea what to do, a quick 5 minutes on each cardio machine, jumping off as soon as I started to sweat... not anymore. Rich was very patient with me as a new comer to training and is so easy to talk to and question. He made our sessions so satisfying I loved coming away from them with new exercises or going up a level on the bike. The feeling after a session with Rich is better than anything else, even chocolate!"
Emma Hobbs – 37, Coventry

Daniel“Rich was a very positive influence in my determination to lose my beer belly and tone up before my wedding, it’s a time you really want to look your best. Without his motivating influence I’d certainly never have stuck to my regime. The workouts were tough but kept varied so I always enjoyed them. I can see huge changes in my body and it feels really good to see these results, my wife was really impressed she couldn’t believe how good I looked. Rich always helps me to keep focused and motivated. Like many people, I have signed up to a number of fruitless gym memberships and a personal trainer was the only way. Rich takes his work seriously; he knows his stuff, and he’s professional, but he does it all in a relaxed manner that simply puts you at ease. It’s a tough business, getting fit and trying to lose weight, but he’s definitely the guy for the job.”
Daniel Heavisides – 34, Leicestershire

Liz“I started training with Rich after my husband started training with him before our wedding and after seeing the amazing results myself. I couldn’t believe how good he looked! After trying different gym classes and wasting money on terrible work out DVDs, I thought I should go and see Rich and see what he could do for me. It really helps having someone who genuinely cares and encourages you to reach your goal, not only that but the program is always varied and he never fails to amaze me with how much knowledge he has. I train with Rich and my husband one or two times a week – being able to train and spend time with my husband, especially in the run up the wedding, is a real plus point – if he didn’t make it fun we would both get bored but now we have the bodies we always wanted we want to hold onto them!”
Liz Heavisides – 33, Leicestershire

“Combined with a critical look at my diet which Rich also helped me with, I have benefited in so many ways following my PT sessions with Rich. Physically I look and feel better; I'm stronger, fitter and more flexible. I was a typical guy at the gym who thought I knew exactly what I needed to do to achieve what I wanted to achieve but after 6 months I was getting frustrated at the lack of change in my body. After enlisting the help of Rich he started to focus my attention in the right areas and make me see that it’s about more than lifting a few weights and running on the treadmill, together with Rich's professionalism, dedication to his job and my hard work we have achieved so much. I have no intention of giving up and my only regret is I didn't start sooner.”
Dan Mercer – 30, Sutton Coldfield

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