Rich Palmer


Personalised fitness programmes delivered to you at home

I can help you to exercise from the comfort of your own home, garage, garden, or your local park. The training will be flexible and each programme is suited to diary and tailored to your age, health ability and fitness goals. For more details of how I can help you or to book a free consultation please feel free to contact me.


I offer a free consultation to establish your health and fitness goals, from this I will design an individual programme suited for you. If you want to get fit for a holiday or a special occasion, regain your figure after a birth of a child or simply look after you health, my experience and personal approach will get you meeting your fitness goals at a time that is convenient for you.




Home fitness training is becoming more popular each day with people who feel uncomfortable exercising with other people around or wanting to save money on gym memberships. Having a personal trainer visit your home is both time and cost effective plus making your workout more comfortable for you.

Many people assume to have a great effective work out, you must have a lot of fancy expensive equipment or a gym, however just by picking up a pair of dumbbells or simply using a medicine ball you can create hundreds if not thousands of effective exercises!


I have my own mobile gym of which I bring with me to all personal training sessions (included in the cost) below is a brief list of the equipment I use:-

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